Local Suppliers

Here at Dahlia’s Farm Shop we have always made it our aim to sell as many products as possible from local suppliers so that you get the freshest produce possible every time.

Not only that, but we also use the meat from our Farm Shop in Dahlia’s Kitchen so if you like what you eat then you can buy some to take home!

We believe in convenience so everything you need from the Farm Shop is neatly laid out so you can get everything for your meal in one handy location.

We want to cater for everyone, if you are gluten free or have allergies then why should you suffer? We have many gluten free products including sweets and if you need any help and advice with what to buy for your allergies we are always free to help!

Here are some suppliers that we work closely with and have products available in-store:

Crossmoor Honey Farm

Craig Hughes is a beekeeper with over 30 years experience of keeping bees and 30 years of bee stings. He is a qualified and classically trained chef with many years in the industry. We are professional beekeepers based in Lancashire with apiaries throughout the Northwest. Not only do we produce honey but we are also actively involved in securing the future of honey bees through our Sponsorship Scheme, Bee Schools, Crossmoor Queen Rearing Programme, and gardening advice.

Crossmoor Honey

Cool Beans Coffee

Our company started as a small business in 1984 and developed into Cool Beans Coffee Company UK in 2005. This gives us many years experience in the ever changing coffee industry. Over the years we have expanded our product ranges and contacts within this sector, which enables us to give you the best possible service and options when it comes to purchasing luxury coffee or coffee machines. Tel: 077915076134. Visit the website here.

Cool Beans

Taylors Cakes of Cleveleys

At Taylors of Cleveleys, we take the art of baking seriously. Since 1947, we’ve been proudly serving the residents of Cleveleys with the finest sandwiches, celebration cakes and hot pots in town. Quality, service and professionalism are at the heart of our business. Our secrets have been passed down from generation to generation since 1947.

Taylors Cakes

Lainés Family Bakers

Lainés is a family run bakery that has been producing quality Pies, Pastries, Cakes and Breads for more than 25 years to both the general public and local businesses. On a daily basis we provide our customers with a full selection of lunchtime sandwiches and both hot and cold snacks, all of the highest quality and at the keenest prices made fresh on the premises.


Lancashire Sauce

Lancashire Sauce has been in the Entwistle family over the last four generations. As far as we know, it was first made by Grandma Mary Elizabeth Entwistle who passed away in 1977. From then my parents Ken & Kathleen Entwistle continued making the sauce for family and home use only. It was always a real treat to go round for tea and enjoy the sauce on mothers traditional cooking. Now the family dream is being realised using the deli in Ramsbottom as a platform. Initial batches of the sauce were very small and sold purely out of our shop. Now growing consumer demand has prompted speed and efficiency of production to increase at the same rate.

Lancashire Sauce

Art of Mallow

Art of Mallow gourmet marshmallows are handcrafted in Leeds, Yorkshire….by me, Philippa. I’m in my thirties (actually, not any more!), married to Steve and a mother of two. I’m a lover of food and cookery with a bit of a sweet tooth.  As a child I always liked the pink and white marshmallows in shops and as an adult would regularly receive them as a gift from my children. But now my world of marshmallows has widened and become much, much, more exciting. I have discovered a passion for gourmet marshmallows that I would love to share.

Art of Mallow

Lyme Bay Winery

The Lyme Bay Winery, originally Lyme Bay Cider Co., was founded on a dream to leave the City and return to the West Country to live. With a passion to make a real West Country cider, and inspired by the local Lyme Bay coastline, at first we produced just draught and bottled ciders, supplying local pubs and shops.


Lancaster Brewery

Lancaster Brewery is one of the largest micro breweries in the North West of England. Our success has been built slowly through the development of quality beers, brewed with the best ingredients available anywhere in the UK, by people that care and using state of the art equipment.

Lancaster Brewery

Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls

William Santus Co Ltd has been making mints and traditional sweets by hand since 1898, in fact you could say it’s the ‘Original Traditional Sweet Shop’ and is the home of the world famous, Uncle Joes Mint Ball. Chocolates and toffees come and go in fads, but the perennial appeal of “Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls” lives on and after all these years the factory remains in Wigan, Lancashire. The same sweets are produced in the same, careful manner; over gas fires and hand-made.

Uncle Joes

Fosters Foods

Founded in the 1970’s, the Fosters Traditional Foods brand brings consumers the very best traditional British recipes across a wide range of food categories including Biscuits, Cake, Confectionery, Preserves, Pickles, Condiments and Gift Packs. Each product is chosen for its provenance and quality of the ingredients so ensuring that the brand delivers only the very best tastes that are true to the original recipes.


Thornley’s Natural Foods

As a family, we have always eaten fresh and natural foods, a core principal of Thornleys and our range of sauces stay true to these values. It is our mission to provide the highest quality products which are 100% natural and delicious for all to eat; including those who must follow a gluten and wheat free diet and for those who prefer not to have chemicals, additives or preservatives in their food.


Lancashire Gluten Free

I am Susan Craddock. I live and work in Lytham St Annes in Lancashire.  Lancashire Gluten Free is my baby! I have been on a gluten free diet since 2012.  Coeliac runs in my family so having to change my diet after so long was easier than I thought it would be. But saying that, trying to find cake and pastry that was not dry and tasteless was much harder. At Lancashire Gluten Free all our products are made in a gluten and wheat free kitchen.

Lancashire Gluten Free

Atkins & Potts

At Atkins and Potts we pride ourselves on our kitchen cooking values. Nothing in our ranges is mass produced. Furthermore we ensure that all our products contain a high percentage of the key ingredients and not just token amounts. Everything we produce is lovingly made in our Berkshire kitchen. We alone create the recipes and use the very best quality ingredients.

atkins & potts

Lancashire Tea

With over 30 years in the tea industry, Paul knows what it takes when it comes to making a great British brew. Lancashire Tea’s unique blend was created back in 2005, it boasts superb infusion qualities and offers up a bright, refreshing taste. Because of its accuracy, the blend is also suitable to both hard & soft water types. We also proudly serve Lancashire Tea in Dahlia’s Kitchen.

lancashire tea

Heritage Kitchen

Heritage Kitchen are a small, family run business based in the Rossendale Valley, Lancashire. Specialising in homemade chutneys, relishes and marmalades. All products are made in their kitchen to guarantee they have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, they are also gluten free.

Heritage kitchen

Mr Fitzpatrick’s Cordials

At Mr Fitzpatrick’s we are as passionate as ever about our cordials and whilst many of our recipes owe their origins to the original Mr Fitzpatrick’s herbalists, we have stayed true to those traditions whilst expanding and developing our range of exciting and quirky cordials. It gives us great pleasure that we are able to maintain this tradition and introduce these wonderful drinks to a whole new generation.


Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps

Here on Fiddler’s Farm we pride ourselves on making original Lancashire Crisps – using potatoes grown on our family farm, hand cooked in our own kitchens and enhanced with the traditional flavours of Lancashire, a region renowned for its food heritage. Over five decades of knowledge goes into growing our potatoes – experience handed down through the generations since Robert Fiddler established our farm in 1950.


Williams Bakery

We are a thriving family run bakery in the heart of Lancashire.   We specialise in delicious Hand Baked Biscuits and Cakes and these can be found in one of the many places we deliver our products to. Our aim has always been to produce quality hand baked biscuits and cakes and we use only the best ingredients, locally sourced where possible for our products.


Spice up your Life

Spice Up Your Life started as a small project and has rapidly grown into its own business. This has been a result of large demand for the tasty homemade products. The ingredients used are home grown locally, some by our gardening team, and we aren’t afraid to try all different types of ingredients and mix them together – Heston Blumenthal has nothing on us!